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Year 5 and 6 Maths Enrichment League

On Thursday 18th April, four pupils in Year 5 Ali Mazomzadeh (5Y), Nicholas Hinchcliffe (5G), Lynn Majed (5R) and India Gulab (5G) and four from Year 6, Raghav Jasuja (6Y), Keshav Jasuja (6G), Ben Hickman (6G) and Jack Bull (6O) were selected to represent DESS in the Maths Enrichment Challenge.

The challenge was part of the Dubai Mini Enrichment League in which a number of schools participate in regular competitions and events across the curriculum.

This event was held at Jumeirah College and comprised of three different rounds. The first round was a team problem solving round and the children worked collaboratively in their year group teams to solve a range of Mathematical problems. Teachers were hands-off and only called into play to explain how old pensioners were!

Round Two consisted of two Kahoot quizzes relating to mental arithmetic and word problems and the final round was a relay round based upon UMKT maths problems.

Below is a question from one of these rounds for you to answer!

Gus, Harry and Ian went out to lunch and agreed to share the bill equally. Unfortunately, Ian forgot his wallet so his friends had to pay an extra five pounds to cover his part of the bill. What was the total bill?

At all times our children were great ambassadors for DESS and they should feel extremely proud of their efforts.

A thrilling end to the day saw the Year 6 team bring home 3rd place.

Huge congratulations to them and Year 5 on their achievements.


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