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What is left?

I was in a room full of people recently who were posed a question: What has been your greatest non-academic achievement?

For most people it wasn’t as easy to answer as you might think.  There were a few answers shared such as raising children, rescuing animals, kayaking with National Geographic and travelling. A personal achievement can be defined as an attribute that provides an individual with a sense of pride. If you strip away all your academic success, what is left? What would be your answer?

This was a fitting question to be asked not long after Amanda Spielman’s (Ofsted’s Chief Inspector), recent speech in the UK. She talked about a “shift in focus” for inspections and how moving away from just looking at core subject data and paying more attention to the “substance” of how the curriculum is interpreted and delivered in schools should be a priority. Amanda, I agree, there is more to a child’s success in life than academic results.

A DESS whole school answer to this question was heard loud and clear this week with International Day. The way we bring our community of 48 nationalities together to create one family; a family of respect and kindness with a genuine interest in each other’s cultures is certainly an achievement we should all be proud of.

I don’t know what Mrs Hall’s or Miss Knowles’ greatest non-academic achievements are but I am sure that their biggest achievement so far this year is producing the exceptional Year Two performance of The Jungle Book. Miss Knowles crafted every inch of the show to perfection and Mrs Hall spent every waking hour at home making costumes. Everyone involved in the production did a tremendous job but these two members of staff really stood out.

Well done and a huge thank you to our two Staff Stars of the Week!

I hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter and wish you all a pleasant week with your families.

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