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What an INCLUSIVE day!

The children in Year 2 amazed us with their creativity last Tuesday in their ‘Year 2 Inclusion Awareness Day’. As part of their Project Based Learning, they organised a full day of events linked to tolerance and inclusion to raise awareness and bring everyone together. They learnt how to face paint, print T-shirts, bake, dance with Makaton, lead an assembly, make a VLOG and talk to groups of children all about the importance of being inclusive. The whole school thoroughly enjoyed the day and enjoyed one of the 1000 scones that were made using the facilities at DESC the day before.

As well as the children sharing the importance of Inclusion, they learnt many new skills including: stencil making, measurement of ingredients, symmetry, filming up close and at different angles, speaking aloud and problem solving. The children grew in confidence during the project and enjoyed being in charge of the school for the day.

Thank you for all your hard work Year 2!

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