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Welcome to the Start of a New Term, New Year and New Decade

Happy New Year!

Welcome back for the start of a new term, new year and new decade!

To the new families that are joining us this term, welcome to the DESS family.

I am sure that many parents, children and teachers have used this first week of 2020 to set themselves resolutions for the year, maybe even for the next decade. Often, they can be difficult to sustain as the hecticness of daily life takes over! How about for this year we simply aim to be better versions of ourselves? The Doctor of Happiness, Andy Cope (he really does have a PHD in happiness!) talks about being a 2%er, by aiming to be in the 2% of the population that embraces the unknown, explores new things, goes for their dreams, likes change, lives without limits and is fulfilled, excited and confident. Put simply, a 2%er is someone who gets the most out of life. 

At DESS we strive for this mindset with the children. Our vision statement is all about the children being the best that they can possibly be:

We nurture independent, confident and resilient learners who respond to challenge and aspire to reach their full potential. We aim to develop self-worth, mutual respect and enjoyment in the process of learning. These qualities are vital in preparing our learners for the diverse challenges of tomorrow.

As the UAE embarks on its final preparations for Expo 2020, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum has announced this year to be ‘2020, towards the next 50’. Building on the legacy of the last 48 years he is looking ahead to the next 50 and dreaming big! Let’s encourage our children to do the same as we go full steam ahead into the new year.

Staff Stars of the Week

To celebrate some of our committed people here at DESS, our staff stars of the week  are: Jacqui Thurley and Helen Clifford.

Jacqui Thurley

Helen Clifford


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