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At DESS, uniform is a very important part of school life as we believe that it gives our young people a sense of belonging to the DESS community, a focus for the school day ahead and an overall a sense of pride. As a school, the quality of uniform is something that matters to us. We also want to know that you are getting a good standard of service – in short, that you can get what uniform you want, when you want it and when you need it; we believe that being in control of our own shop, working with partners we rate highly, enables us to do this. For our part, we see this as an important development in our ongoing efforts to provide our parents and their children with the best of everything.

Such is the value we place on school uniform, we have partnered with Trutex to launch two dedicated uniform shops; one at our secondary school and one here at DESS, with convenient hours to suit parents, easy access and an online pre-ordering service to help parents with purchasing. Trutex have trained staff to assist with any sizing questions you may have.


Opening Hours

Sunday, Monday & Thursday from 7:30am – 4:00pm 


Price List

For Girls Uniform, please click here.

For Boys Uniform, please click here.


DESS Uniform Guide

Please find the School Uniform Guide here.


Uniform Shop Information

For all enquiries and feedback, please use the following email address: