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“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” Denis Waitley

After weeks of preparation, staff training, planning, meetings and more meetings we were all so pleased to see the children arrive back at school this week.  In fact, I am not sure who was more excited; the children, the teachers or the parents!  We have had a really smooth start to the school year and the new children all seem extraordinarily settled in record time.  If you are new to DESS, I hope you too will quickly feel part of this wonderful community.  Please click on the link to see our Back to School vlog HERE

Over the summer holidays, our site staff have been working hard to get DESS looking at its best.  We are very happy with our new look Latifa Hall.  Removing the stage, curtaining and lighting deck has created a great deal of much needed additional space for assemblies, meetings and PE.  The new flooring, blinds and redecoration have given it a really fresh feel and we are awaiting new doors.  We will have moveable staging which we will put up as and when we need it.  You may also have noticed that the field has been completely reseeded with the top soil replaced and will be ready for the children to use in October when the cooler weather arrives.  The Arabic department also has a ‘new look’, in keeping with the rest of the school but with an Arabic twist. 

In my end of year assembly before the summer, I challenged the children to start every day by making their beds. Today, in our first assembly of the year, I asked them how many had achieved this and was thrilled to see so many hands raised. This year our theme is ‘Taking Responsibility’; for ourselves, our actions, our belongings, one another, our school, our community and our planet. The children shared their thoughts on what responsibility meant to them and Miss Eldred also shared ways that DESS is working hard to become more environmentally responsible.  Please click on the link to see our latest vlog DESS Responsibility vlog and read on to see our article on ‘Plastic Pledge’.

 ‘Like a DESS child’ was a new initiative that we launched at DESS last year and proved to be highly successful in encouraging children to take responsibility for their behaviours, reinforcing the super high expectations and standards that we have for all our children.   In fact, this has been so successful that we decided that we would also have ‘Like a DESS teacher’. 

I’m sure you would agree that DESS teachers show all of these attributes.  One of our DESS children even decided that he would like to train his pets to be ‘like a DESS dog’.  Watch this space; we may well be introducing, ‘Like a DESS parent’ next! 

It was lovely to see so many of you at our ‘Meet the teacher’ sessions yesterday.  I hope you found this valuable time, enjoyed meeting the teacher, getting to know other parents and now feel fully informed of curriculum expectations for your child.  If you were unable to attend you will find the presentations on the portal.

Congratulations to Mr Reniel Nueda, Mrs Melissa Human, Mr Nuwan Silva, Mrs Laura Charles and Mrs Victoria Atkinson who got married over the summer break and to Mr Max Lohe on the birth of his baby boy Billy Conrad Lohe.


I look forward to working with you all this year and, together, as a community, let’s take responsibility for making this the best year at DESS ever!

Catherine Dando


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