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“As a human being you cannot not have an impact…” – The Multiplier Effect by Andy Cope

A small part of the focus of my reading over the summer was to try to steal a little respite from my two highly energetic and fun-loving boys, but mainly it was to help me prepare for my new and exciting role here at DESS. To be the new Deputy Headteacher of such an outstanding school (the best in the UAE in fact) is both a privilege and a great opportunity; an opportunity to have a positive impact on children and teachers across the whole school.

This led me to wonder; how is it possible to do this at DESS? With such talented and dedicated teachers working with equally talented, happy and enthusiastic children; can our school become even more awesome? In short, the answer is yes! For me, it starts with people and relationships and recognising that it’s the small things that matter. It’s our interactions that have an impact; what we say and how we say it. It’s the time we give to each other or to being thankful for support we’ve received. It’s the way we react to situations and respond to challenges. It’s our emotions and manner which are visible as we carry them with us; are we positive, smiling, ready to listen? Let’s hope so because our attitudes are contagious! A study conducted by Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler found evidence that your emotions have a ripple effect that reaches three degrees of people removed from you; starting with those who come into direct contact with a smiling, positive attitude experiencing an emotional uplift of 15%.

As humans, we interact every day and so “cannot not have an impact.” So, I hope you will join me in ensuring this impact is positive. Let’s work together to make DESS even more awesome! Let’s not allow the heat or the morning traffic to affect the impact we have on others; let’s be positive role models to the children by modelling respectful and positive behaviours; let’s show that attitude of gratitude and pass on emotions worth catching. You never know it may even help make your day better…

I hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter and I wish you all a lovely weekend.


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Congratulations to Dean and Louise Corby who got married over the summer break, we would like to wish them every happiness.  Well done to our Staff Star of the Week Yvonne Sewnauth, our new FS1 Leader.

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