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It has been a reflective couple of weeks at DESS. Pink Day and Remembrance Day both reminded us of immense bravery from 100 years ago right up to the present day.  Whether you bought a poppy, a pink ribbon or a beautifully handmade item from our mums, I hope you paused for a moment of gratitude. This is a habit we instill in our children as part of the Learning for Life aspect of our School Development Plan.

The UAE as a nation have also been reflecting. Flag Day was followed by The Ministry of Tolerance launching two key initiatives to help promote peaceful coexistence and fight extremism throughout the world in an effort to spread the message of peace and embrace diversity. When you consider the turbulent world today, it makes you wonder whether people do truly reflect on the lessons learned 100 years ago and how many people stop for moments of true gratitude.

The reflection didn’t stop there; in preparation for the inspection (starting today) over the past 3 weeks, the whole DESS team have looked up and looked back to reflect on what we have achieved over the last year and oh, what a year it has been! We can’t wait for the inspectors to come and see why we are so proud! This newsletter is full of things we want to shout about and celebrate but we are also extremely proud of all those little moments that nobody else sees, the reasons why teachers love being teachers and that isn’t something I can explain, it is a feeling and one filled with gratitude.

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