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Performing Arts

“We love being Performing Arts teachers at DESS!”

We strive to be a vibrant, exciting, innovative and modern department that is inclusive of all children and all abilities. Children have so many opportunities to take part in musical activities during the year, from performing in front of their classmates to taking part in large scale events. We offer after school activities during year including Key Stage 1 and 2 Choirs, Clarinet, Music Theory and Guitar Club. Children are then encouraged to take part in all the yearly events including the DESStive Day, International Shine Day, Choir Fest and DESS Concerts.

We run very a successful Peripatetic Instrumental Music Programme that offers private tuition to students during the school day. This programme has been building over the last few years and currently one in five children at DESS receive tuition in areas such as piano, guitar, percussion, clarinet, flute, violin and voice. This is available to students from years 1 to 6 and offers an excellent opportunity to introduce your child to a musical instrument and greatly enhance their learning. If you have any queries about the instrumental lessons, please email for more details.

In the classroom we believe in a child led learning environment and that there are no barriers to learning. All of the children at DESS get to learn a new instrument in class including violin, recorder, guitar, xylophone, keyboards and ukulele.

At DESS, Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 children take part in two music lessons a week; enjoying singing to a variety of songs, using rhythmic instruments such as shakers, clavers and castanets (and xylophones for KS1) and simple movement. Dance in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 is designed to bring movement and dance together through imagination, using materials they have learnt in the classroom and bringing it into dance and role play.

Key Stage 2 children take part in one music lesson a week comprising of instrumental studies, singing and music theory and can try out for the Elite Dance Squad. Years 2, 4 and 6 will also have the chance to perform in an exciting production here at DESS. Moving into our third year of our KS2 Instrumental Programme, each child from Year 3 to Year 6 will learn an instrument each year: Year 3 – Recorders, Year 4 – Ukuleles, Year 5 – Tin Whistle and Year 6 – Guitar. We are one of the only schools in Dubai to offer such an amazing and possibly life changing experience. It is wonderful to see how the children progress in their  instrument and encourage self-expression.

We love being Music Teachers at DESS and that we get to instill a love of music into every child that we meet here.