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Parking around DESS

We are very pleased to announce that we now have a parking space for people of determination at the front of the school. If you have a badge for People of Determination, please use this space to help with your access arrangements to DESS.

Please help where you can by ensuring that you park safely; do not double park at all around the school or on the pavements. 

There are still many instances of double parking which is endangering children’s lives.  This is particularly bad at the back of school by the FS gate at lunchtimes.  Please allow adequate time to travel to school, park safely in the nearby vicinity and walk a short distance to the FS gate.  Please do not assume that you will be able to park right outside the gate as there are limited parking spaces there.

Please be aware that we have enlisted the help of Dubai Police who are patrolling the area at key times to ensure the safety of your children.  Please be aware that illegal parking is reported to the police and fines have been issued.  Please also be advised that we are not allowed to park in the Rashid Hospital car park at the back of DESS.

Our busy premises staff and SLT spend over an hour a day trying to monitor this situation in the heat; therefore, we ask you to please be respectful if you are asked to move on.  I understand that people become anxious at pick up time but let me assure you, your children will be supervised at all times.  

Please help us to keep everyone safe.

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