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Parent Parking – Thank you!

We want to say a huge thank you to all parents who are making much more of an effort to park in designated areas around school. There have been significantly less cases of double parking (although there are still too many) and the roads around the school gates have been noticeably calmer, with a steadier flow of traffic making these areas considerably safer for your children. We are pleased that our increased presence on the roads, with the DESS facilities staff and SLT now both patrolling and addressing inappropriate parking behaviour, has had such a positive impact.

To continue to improve safe practice, particularly at the back of school, try and cross the road using the zebra crossings in the front or back and do your best to avoid crossing between parked cars. We have witnessed children emerging into the middle of the road from behind double parked cars while vehicles are trying to overtake in a two-way flow – it literally makes our hearts miss a beat and is extremely dangerous, please don’t do this.

Also a reminder that, it is not only dangerous but also illegal, to U turn in the road and that police are now regularly patrolling front and back of school.

Please look out for our new DESS road safety campaign that we will be launching in the New Year!


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