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National Day

Yesterday, Wednesday 28th November, DESS celebrated National Day in true style! We were thrilled to include more heritage elements to our activities this year – thanks to input from our Emirati families, who worked in partnership with us to generate ideas and resources.

Workshops all over the school for different workshops included Emirati Music Appreciation, Emirati Dance, Calligraphy and Emirati Playground Games including the game of Tooh using camel bones! A highlight for the children was interviewing a real Pearl Diver and May Khawaja, a member of our Arabic department, who was a child here in 1971 when the country was formed. As always, tasting exciting food such as luqaimat was a favourite. We explored poetry, collaborative art, found out different ways to tie and wrap the Sheila or the Ghutra and even extended our existing knowledge through Continuous Provision and discussion in our own classes. It was delightful to receive feedback from external providers as to how proud and knowledgeable our children are of this unique and wonderful place we call home.

Many thanks to the Arabic, Music, Dance and PE departments for creating innovative learning experiences. As usual parents worked in partnership with us here at DESS to support in so many ways; applying henna, bringing and showing a plethora of animals, teaching how to customise a ghutra and carrying out Dubai Heritage Tour Talks.

A special thank you to Mr and Mrs Almheiri (parents of Barry), Mrs. Mukhi (mum of Summer and Sahar), Mrs Bushnaq (mum of Leila) and the many volunteers who supported with henna painting and taking photos! We were truly blessed indeed.

Happy 47th Birthday to the UAE from DESS!

Enjoy your National Day weekend.

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