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Mrs Whiskers & Please Remember your Water Bottle!

Formally introducing … Mrs Whiskers!

We are sure that by now you will have come across our school cat, Mrs Whiskers, who the children adore!!

If you haven’t yet then no doubt you will see her around school as she strolls about or meows at Sarath on the back gate for her dinner.  The DESS cat has been with us for about a year now and the children have grown particularly fond of her, they even chose her name in our school competition. She comes and goes from the school grounds as she pleases but every now and then she loves to sit with the children when they are outside. She once joined a class while they did their speedy sums!

There are many schools in Dubai who have school cats, not to mention other interesting animals! Having a school cat is a real asset to the school for a number of reasons:

  • We are getting significantly fewer stray cats from the area coming onto the school grounds (Mrs Whiskers patrols her territory)
  • She helps with pest control
  • We are modeling to the children how to be tolerant and have respect and care for animals
  • The Year of Tolerance focuses on coexistence, so we are able to model this
  • She is a calming influence as she lays in the sun while the children play sports nearby

Mrs Whisker is fully vaccinated, regularly vet checked, de-wormed, is microchipped and we hold a letter from the vet to say she is healthy enough to be around the children/school grounds. We hope she will be healthy and happily living at DESS for many years to come.

The children are under strict instructions not to touch Mrs Whiskers so we would appreciate it if you reinforced this. She is very friendly and confident with people but as there are so many children, we have made this rule for everyone. If the children leave her alone, she will go about her business and just like the Year of Tolerance is promoting, we will coexist.


Every morning think: Water Bottle, Water Bottle, Water Bottle

In light of our DESS Promise, we no longer use disposable cups for the water dispensers inside the school buildings as we are trying to reduce our consumption and waste as a school.  

Therefore, it is essential for children to bring their reusable water bottle to school every single day. They carry it with them to all rooms and lessons and ensures they can access water around school.

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