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You are not alone

Unless you have elected to live a remote, isolated existence then you will undoubtedly be able to list a number of teams of which you are a member, even if at a distance. For example, your marriage, partnerships, family, friends, any clubs or societies you are a member of, the residential community you live or the global community, (which I have never felt more a part of than I do right now). Irrespective of which teams we list, how we function and contribute towards these teams has a significant impact on our overall life satisfaction; this is the same for our children. Educating and supporting them to understand their various roles in teams will go a long way towards aiding their sense of fulfilment throughout their life; we all need that sense of belonging and accomplishment when we play our parts well.

I am forever fascinated by the animal kingdom we are so fortunate to be a part of and I believe that if you study any animal team the observable, essential roles each animal plays are always clear. They are habitually structured to ensure each takes responsibility for their common goal: basic survival. The tasks seem to be instinctively assigned, from a bee colony, a herd of elephants, a pack of wolves to a shoal of fish, every member knows and plays their part; if they don’t then the consequences are high. A key to their primeval success, for example in bees, is the absolute trust they have in each other to carry out their responsibilities; the queen, in particular, has unwavering trust in her colony to literally keep her alive and no single bee ever makes a decision to let her down; they are a captivating team system. So much so that, if you are interested, you can ‘learn lessons about teamwork from bees’ online! Who would have thought it?

We would all be hard pushed to find a thriving human team which was without the 3 key elements theory states teams should have: a sense of responsibility towards the team’s goals, trust within the team and loyalty to the team. Naturally, there is a lot more involved in most teams other than just those 3, but within the character strength ‘teamwork’ these are said to be the foundations.

It helps considerably to know your own and each other’s strengths and what you and they bring to the team. Not everyone knows or acknowledges their strengths and some people find it hard to see strengths in others, but be assured, we all have them and I hope the tasks your children completed this week helped everyone at home to recognise their strengths in your most important team: your family.

Once we identify our strengths, we can play to them, utilise them and appreciate seeing them in others, how they complement each other, and which team members need support if they aren’t as strong with a particular character strength. Personally, prudence is low on my character strengths, but my awareness to that fact helps me work to ensure it doesn’t hinder my role in a team.

The first team your child was a part of is with you, their most important and influential team. This being effective is critical for them now and for framing their ability to play their part in other teams for the rest of their life. Being open about, modeling and learning about strengths or characters with less natural inclination is genuinely a key to their success in life.

During this anomalous time, although we probably feel more connected to the global team, we (including the children) will no doubt feel (despite all the videos and calls) a lost connectivity with many of our teams; so, as we all work to stay connected, I want to assure you that the DESS team are right here also feeling that sense of lost connectivity with you and your children, we frankly miss you all!

Never forget that if you or your children need us, please reach out. DESS has that deep sense of responsibility to you all, we are loyal to our DESS family and know that the trust within our incredible team is abundant; you are not alone.

Wishing every member of our special DESS team the warmest Eid Mubarak and remember, as Mr Clarkson, Zialla and Ali (our Head Girl and Boy) told the children in assembly this week, “Teamwork makes the dream work”!


Rebecca Eldred 
Assistant Headteacher


Staff Stars of the Week
To celebrate some of our committed people here at DESS, our staff stars of the week are:  Mrs Connie DeMendonca and Mrs Nicci Kynman

Mrs DeMendonca

Mrs Kynman

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