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Heritage Day


Culturally rich and full of happiness, kindness, music and food…. Heritage Day at DESS was a great success! A sea of parents watched as a colourful, animated parade of the entire DESS community walked past, waving their flag.

Our new tradition of singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to the UAE and to children celebrating birthdays during the celebrations was endearing.

Members of our Emirati community and Student Council welcomed local officers from the Dubai police force, who watched our parade with affection.

Our Emirati Culture Village was calm and fun-filled where children were able to partake in optional henna design, tasty food samples from Logma including luqiamat, samboosa and paratha with cheese. We were very happy to welcome our furry friends back from the Almheiri farm. Officially a part of the DESS family, we found out about the saluki dog, falcon, goats and chickens.

Workshop opportunities around the school included Emirati Music Appreciation, The Art of Ghawa (coffee), Pearl Diver Talk and Emirati Playground games.

A special thank you to all the families and parents who donated their time to create ideas, provide resources and/or create exquisite henna designs.

Enjoy the official National Day celebrations around the UAE as it celebrates 48 years!

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