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DESSC Board of Trustees

The Governing Body of the school is best described as a Board of Trustees, who determine and approve those statutory policies which are required of them, including those as provided under the Articles of Governance, and receive, review and approve other school management policies from the Headteacher who is the Chief Executive.  

The Governing Body monitors the implementation of such policies via its sub-committees.  Trustees who act as a Body, in good faith and in the light of best advice, will never be vulnerable in law: hence, individual Trustees have no power to act alone, unless otherwise empowered. Any matters relating to a school policy should be directed in the first instance to the Headteacher who will ensure an appropriate member of staff deals with the matter.

The offices of President and Vice-President are the subject of bi-annual election each Autumn Term.

Name Governing Position
Vince Cook President
Ian Harfield Vice President
TBA Treasurer
Maggie Thorne Community Trustee
Helen Barrett Trustee & General Secretary
Ammar Shams Trustee
Raj Kanda Trustee 

The Trustees Report 2018/2019

To read the latest Trustees Report, please click here


Who to contact


Janice Sears

Clerk to the Trustees

Correspondence to the President or other members of the Governing Body should be addressed to:

Mrs. Janice Sears, Clerk to the Trustees, c/o DESS and DESC.  The Clerk is not a member of the Governing body.


Tel: 00971(0) 50 1544580 eMail: