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FS1 starts with a celebratory bang: Bear Hunts & Space Rockets! Whatever Next?!

What a fabulous start to this academic year for our new FS1 starters who have joined our wonderful DESS family and community! 

With a calm and purposeful start, our youngest and enthusiastic children have enjoyed settling into their new school, whilst making plentiful friends along the way.  The start of Term 1 has certainly been anything but dull, as we have already been on various Bear Hunts, through our first Book of the Week ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and have been to the moon and back through this week’s space-themed book, ‘Whatever Next?’.

As well as taking part in exciting Do Time and classroom activities, our FS1 children have enjoyed meeting their new specialist teachers, by participating in swimming lessons, music and singing lessons, and choosing our weekly personal readers from our wonderful ‘Froggy’s Forest’ section of our school library.  We really are becoming brave explorers, whilst walking through the grounds of our new school to visit all of the specialist departments, as well as meeting the older DESS boys and girls to say ‘hello’ to along the way (we know they love our cuteness factor!).  Whilst walking through school, we have been listening for the sounds of our environment, as well as participating in exciting Environmental Sounds games in class.

Our pre-writing skills are really taking shape through our ‘Squiggle While You Wiggle’ lessons and we have all loved getting our groove on during our daily ‘Dough Disco’; our fingers and muscles are really strengthening, ready for writing.  Our Magical Maths sessions have also begun, with us singing and acting out lots of number songs and experimenting with numicon, number recognition and counting – we even measured our teddies to see how long they were and have been sorting them into height order! 

We cannot believe that we are only two weeks into Term 1 and are already showcasing all of our wonderful imaginations, talents and learning skills!  Your FS1 teachers are all very proud of you!

Here’s to a successful year ahead in FS1 at DESS (our exciting first year at school!)

Yvonne Sewnauth (FS1 Year Leader) & the FS1 Team

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