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DESS Iftar

Our DESS Community Iftar was a glittering affair. As guests entered Latifa Hall down the glowing red carpet they were wowed by the ambience of the room.

We were blessed by Mr Mohammed Mumtaz, a parent and teacher at DESSC, with his beautiful recital from the Qu’ran, a poem presentation by Muhammed Durrani written by his mum, Sheba.  Mariya Zahid and Hafza Aneel welcomed us and explained about the nature of Ramadan.

In typical style the DESS community came and worked together to create an amazing event with time, organisation, creativity and problem-solving.  

Special thanks to Farah, Farhat, Sheba, Rania and Yuva who went above and beyond and volunteered so much of their time to organise and create behind the scenes with Mrs Joseph.  Mr Hadri, you were integral too! Thank you.

Thanks to our sponsors, Mrs Hare c/o Lindt chocolate for our sweet treats, Mr Hibbett c/o Eurocoffee for comforting Lavazza coffees available, Al Qamar Sweets and BMB Group for the delicious mammoul gift sets dressing our tables and Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Est. and Al Hunaidi Perfumes for the Arabic perfumes that were gifted as guests left the event.

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