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DESS does Diwali!

As you walked into the front of the school last Wednesday, there was a buzz of excitement as the children (and parents!) witnessed a live creation of some beautiful Rangolis right before their very eyes! If they missed that opportunity, they even had the chance to visit the stunning decorations adoring the front of the school and gleefully wished families ‘Happy Diwali’ or ‘Shubh Divali’ as they walked around school.

During Continuous Provision children were also able to find out more about the festival by asking ‘experts’ in their class and decorate their very own diya lamp.

The fun carried on after school, where it was a pure delight to see a line almost the length of the playground, of parents, staff and children patiently waiting to buy from a selection of yummy treats

On Thursday, KS1 and KS2 were blessed to watch a group of very talented mummies; Deepa Moondra, Dolly Ruparel, Richa Malhotra, Shweta Shah, Himani Ahuja and our very own Deepti Shetty from the Accounts department! They performed an entertaining Indian dance to continue the Divali festivities the following day. The children learned more about the festival of light during their assembly too.

A big thank you to Suman Manning (mum of Zoe, Zander and Zara) for supporting us and coordinating the vast team of mummies; Pooja Singh (mum of Ekaagra), Shweta Srivastava (mum of Bavaar and Dhun), Christina Thomas (mum of Aleigha) and Tina Bhatia (mum of Kimaaya and Vanya). The children truly enjoyed this wonderful cultural experience so thank you for your wonderful coordination and time.

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