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As previously announced, we have partnered with Slices, one of the UAE leading school food providers, for healthier food options for the school canteen.

Don’t forget, there is an upcoming talk with their licensed nutritionist Mila, which will take place on Monday 13th January at 8am in Latifa Hall. Mia will speak about Stress-Free Lunchboxes and How to Deal with Picky Eating, tackling questions such as: 

  • Why won’t my child eat his/her food?
  • Why does my child prefer playing and not eating?
  • My child won’t eat anything except junk food. What do I do?
  • What is SED and could my child have it?

Find out Mila’s tips and advice on how to level up school lunch boxes and ultimately save time. A Slices representative will also be available to discuss their online payment system and classroom delivery lunchboxes. Please click here to register.

We are proud to announce that the coffee cups in the DESS cafe, are now completely compostable (even the lid which is not plastic)! Another step towards changing our habits has been achieved! 

As we achieve each step we will add another set of green feet to our Sustainability wall, which hopefully reminds’ us all how far we have come. 

Here is Mr Cuddihy enjoying his coffee and looking very pleased with the new cups.

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