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Critical Thinking

Developing Secure Advanced Expert
Show self awareness / reflect

To change my behaviour or work-based on the feedback of others

To reflect on my work or actions and identify what I have done well/areas to improve

To reflect on my work or actions and be able to identify next steps and make improvements where necessary

To help others to reflect on their work or actions through coaching questions

Solve problems

To have a go and try a new method or strategy

To solve problems independently using my own skills and resources

To attempt different ways to solve problems

To identify the most effective strategy to solve a problem from a range of options

Decision make / Reason

To make my own choices

To make my own choices and be able to justify and explain them

To consider all information and resources before making an informed decision which can be explained

To use relevant evidence to support my ideas or arguments


To find relevant information or respond to simple questions from a source

e.g. text, music, artwork, data

To identify patterns or themes from within a range of sources i.e data, texts, charts, experiments

To draw inferences or conclusions that are supported/justified by evidence

To identify whether sources of information or results are reliable or not

If not why not?

Challenge assumptions (justify)

To question (How? Why?)

To justify and explain my opinion to others

To use evidence to confidently justify my own opinion even when different from others

To use debating skills: Counter argue / respond to others using evidence