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Developing Secure Advanced Expert
Try new ideas

To use a play as a way of finding our and trying new things

To build on what I already know to find out new things

To ask and answer questions to develop and explore my ideas

To connect and compare own ideas with the ideas of others

To refine and use the ideas of others to generate new and improved ideas

Take risks

To be willing to try new things

To understand it is acceptable to make mistakes

To learn from mistakes when trying something new and show resillience / grit in the process

To take responsible risks in learning and act on advice and feedback

Show curiosity

To show a keen interest in the world around me

To ask inquisitive questions (How? Why?)

To ask inquisitive questions and begin to follow my own lines of enquiry unprompted

To persevere with own learning and enquiry, leading to a clear outcome

Use imagination

To use imagination in play

To use imagination when working with others

To use imagination to create new and different ideas and solutions

To use imagination to create new ideas and be able to assess their value

Think differently

To find new ways to do things

To think of a new idea or solution independently

To think of an idea and then use past experiences to help develop and refine it further

To creatively and effectively assess and adapt ideas to reach a goal