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Developing Secure Advanced Expert

To speak clearly enough for everyone to hear

To use language, expression and gestures for effect

To change volume, tone and pace to good effect

To be confident speaking in front of large audiences i.e year group or in assembly

Active listening

To listen and remain focused when others are talking

To listen to whoever is speaking and rephrase their ideas

To listen to someone and make notes on the key points

To listen to someone and give feedback on what they have shared according to the criteria


To know how to ask a question

To listen to others and find out more by asking appropriate questions

To ask questions to clarify understanding

To use questions to support and coach others

Showing respect

To look at who is speaking

To speak kindly to others

To listen to the opinion of others even when they are different to your own

To listen to the ideas of others, even if I don't agree and respond in a calm manner

To value to ideas and suggestions from others and respond to them or use them

Sharing ideas

To say a point of view when the class or group is discussing ideas

To take turns when sharing ideas

To confidently express ideas across lessons and in different group settings

To voice ideas in front of others and understand that they may not be used

Thinking of the audience

To present to a group or whole class

To use well-chosen visuals to enhance a presentation

To answer questions and respond to comments from the audience

To mainly look at the audience and only occasionally refer to notes or prompts/visual aids

Persuading + influencing

To help in group situations by saying what I think

To present ideas with an explanation

To present ideas effectively in several different ways to inform others

To being to use debating skills to put ideas across