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Developing Secure Advanced Expert

To choose a partner and work with them

To share resources and ensure everyone has a turn

To be happy to work as part of a team

To share a task or activity in pairs or small groups co-operatively

To be happy to take a fair share of the workload

To ensure that everyone is included in the group work

To share/offer constructive suggestions of ways to improve our performance

To share the responsibility of the outcome


To contribute my ideas and take turns

To listen and not speak when others are talking

To show respect for others' views or opinions by using their suggestions and ideas

To look at the speaker when they are speaking

To respond to others with relevant questions

To listen to whoever is speaking and rephrase their ideas to show my understanding

To summarise what others have said through careful listening

To listen and look at whoever is speaking and ask a relevant question about the discussion

Lead and be lead

To take on a role in a group

To try different roles within the group

To understand what my strengths are

To offer to play a role in the group, which is based on my strengths but willingly accept other tasks to help the group move forward

To evaluate how well the group worked

To evaluate my own leadership within the group


To listen to each other's ideas

To listen to the opinion of others even when they are different to my own

To be willing to take on the ideas of others

To be aware of others and take their feelings and reactions into account

Resolve conflict

To know how my actions may impact on others

To be willing to work with different people

To make the right choices (actions or words) to ensure that i can work ell with anyone

To help with problem solving and resolving conflicts within the group

Manage time

To start the task on time

To stay on task and complete it on time

To organise the group and keep a check on tasks which need to be done

To plan and implement timescales

Take responsibility

To get involved in tasks

To understand how my actions impact on others when working in a group

To accept my share of the work and suppot and encourage others

To demonstrate how my individual contribution has enabled the group to succeed