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Book a School Tour

Prospective parents should make an appointment to be shown round the School, which will be followed by a discussion with the registrar support on the procedure for entry. If you are interested in visiting Dubai English Speaking School (DESS), then we would be delighted to welcome you to one of our tours of the school site.

Tours are carried out year-round by a member of the Senior Leadership Team and are aimed at giving you a chance to see the school and everything it has to offer.  You will experience real teaching and learning and get a flavour of the friendly, community atmosphere as well as getting to meet some of the children and teachers.

Tour Schedule

  • Monday โ€“ 8:15am with Miss Rebecca Eldred, Assistant Headteacher
  • Tuesday โ€“ 8:15am with Mrs Liz Miller, Assistant Headteacher
  • Wednesday โ€“ 8:15am with Mrs Ruth Gibson, Assistant Headteacher