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Adidas ‘Run for the Oceans’

This morning, Adidas ‘Run for the Oceans’ visited DESS and talked to all the children in assembly about the serious issue of plastic pollution and the impact on our environment, fish and particularly on our water. There are some very sobering facts about how much plastic is now in existence on our planet.

Did you know?

  • For every human on the planet, there’s 1 ton of plastic waste. 
  • By 2050, there may be more plastic than fish in our oceans. 
  • Every piece of plastic ever created still exists in some form; plastic does not go away.

As we think of ways we can care for and support each other and our wider communities, let us all think of ways that we can help the drive to reduce plastic use and recycle existing plastic so that we protect more carefully all the creatures that have their home in the oceans and preserve our water.

12 things you can do to reduce marine plastic pollution:

  1. Carry a reusable bag to avoid single-use plastic bags.
  2. Say no to plastic straws or carry your own reusable straw if you need one.
  3. Buy a reusable water bottle & coffee cup. Use real cups for your party and ditch the plastic ones.
  4. Choose products in glass containers over similar products in plastic packages, like milk and juice.
  5. Line your bin with paper bags instead of plastic.
  6. Avoid frozen and take-away food as much as you can, they use tons of disposable packaging and plastic.
  7. Buy bread and other baked goods at bakeries that use paper packaging instead of plastic bags.
  8. Reuse/repurpose plastic items that you already have in order to keep them from entering the environment.
  9. Grow your own herbs and vegetables in a garden or with hanging pots to cut down on packaging.
  10. Wash your clothes less frequently and use a cold wash setting to reduce the release of microfibers.
  11. Make sure you are educated on how to correctly recycle the plastic that you do have to use.
  12. Explain your choices to people who ask. And to those who don’t – they probably need to hear it most!

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